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Chao Luxilery

Here are the locatons for the 21 animals of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

1. Rabbit : City Escape

2. Skunk : City Escape

3. Racoon : City Escape

4. Sheep : City Escape

5. Armodillo/Boar : Radical Highway

6. Whale : Aquatic Mine

7. Unicorn: Dry Lagoon, Thrid chao box, the chao boxes are extremly easy to find here.

8. Cheetah: Radical Highway.

9. Gorilla: Mission Street, second box

10. Bear : Egg Quarters from robots

11. Parrot: Green Forest

12. Peacock: Dry Lagoon, this animal appears constantly in this level

13. Condor: Pyramind Cave From robots

14. Skeleton Dog : Pumpkin Hill on Church Moutain or Second Box on Pumpkin Hill

15. Bat: Caged on under church moutain at Pumpkin Hill

16. Half Fish: Green Forest, Area has a tree with a giant hole in it, a robot, and a stack of crates, one of the crates contains the Half-Fish.

17. Dragon: Aquatic Mine, near where you get the air necklace, flying by wall.

18. Tiger : Hidden Base from robots

19. Penguin: Mission Street, Second Box

20. Sea Otter : Hidden base from monsters

21. Pheonix : Mission street, third chao box or cage opened by a missle (Need bazooka to find missle.)

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