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Duel Disk Section

One Piece

Welcome to the Duel Disk Section. Here we will explan each of the Duel Disks.

First of all we will give you the definition of a Duel Disk:.
Duel Disk: An item that straps on your left hand that allows dueling. It has slots for Spell & Trap Cards, Monster Cards, Deck, Field Card, and Graveyard. It also has a Life Point(LP) counter for your convieneice.


This was the first duel disk that played a big part in the series. It was not the first duel disk introduced in the series but was the first duel disk to be made for the real world. It folds into the shape you see now and has a button to put it into the dueling mode. The field card zone slides out of it.


This duel disk didn't play in important role in the series really. It was the duel disk that Dartz and his goons used in the Doom series. It is the second duel disk to be made in the real world. This deul has a slide in and out ability which makes it easier to carry in backpacks and stuff.


This is the duel disk used by the main characters in Yugioh GX. It has a slide in slot for the part with two of the monster and Spell & Trap zone. This duel disk was due for release in January of 2006, but came out earlier in time for christmas of 2005. Also this duel is said to have the Magic & Trap card zones where the are in the show this time. This duel disk can be used with card sleeves too.

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