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Narurto Bios
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Yes, We finnaly got off our lazy @3$!'s and put something on the Naruto section. Here are the character bios.


Naruto Uzumaki:

When a vicious nine-tailed demon fox attacked the ninja village of Hidden Leaf, the beast was subdued by the village's Fourth Hokage(leader) and its soul and powers were sealed inside the body of a human boy. That boy, Naruto, grew up living by himself in the village of Konohagakure, but many of the villagers still feared the fox's evil power within him. As a result, Naruto was shunned and belittled for most of his childhood, causing him to become a very mischievous trouble-maker as he tried all sorts of ways to get the attention he was so terribly deprived of. . Naruto believes that perhaps by becoming a powerful ninja, and eventually the next Hokage, the villagers would finally accept him for who he really is.

Although Naruto always seems cheerful and full of spunk and energy, the fact that he grew up alone and in a world full of oppression can never be erased from his heart. But there is perhaps one good thing that came out of his lonesome childhood; an extremely strong and determined dedication to his own self-worth and a burning spirit that can never be broken. Naruto wants nothing more than to prove himself strong and worthy of love and acceptance to the villagers of Hidden Leaf, and to his ninja peers as well. Although he's always ready to do anything to achieve his goal and prove his worth, even risk his own life, he also can't stand to see others being oppressed either, and he'll often do his best to help them as well. However, his ninja skills aren't exactly top-class and he usually rushes blindly into battle without any thinking or planning ahead. But he's got incredible stamina(thanks to the spirit of the demon fox inside him) and his powers get stronger with each challenge he faces. But in the end, its always his amazing determination to himself and his goals that pull him through. Although Naruto is kind of immature and he's not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed so-to-speak. Also, Naruto has a weird liking of ramen


Sasuke Uchiha:

Sasuke is one of the last remaining members of the Uchiha clan, one of the most powerful groups of ninjas in the village of Konohagakure. Because of his advanced bloodline, Sasuke inherited the potential for many powerful ninja techniques. Probably one of his most effective techniques is the Sharingan in his eyes which allows him to predict and copy an enemy's strategy, giving him the ability to counter attack and to strengthen the copied ability. His superb ninja skills and intelligence in battle made him a top-ranking student in his class and pretty much all the girls adore him for his serious and "cool" nature (though Sasuke couldn't care less about popularity.)

Although Sasuke puts on the facade of being stoic, unemotional, and indifferent to most things, he harbors a deep yearning of revenge for an event that happened to him long ago.  Sasuke refuses to give up or die under any circumstances until he's able to carry out this revenge. Although he and Naruto never get along very well, they eventually develop a kind of respect for each other.  Naruto and Sasuke will always be rivals, but while Naruto wants to prove his worth to other people, Sasuke's mysterious goal of vengence seems to be about proving something to himself.



When Sakura was little, she was picked on by the other children in Hidden Leaf Village because of her wide forehead. The only one who was kind to her was Ino, who eventually became her best friend. Ino didn't baby her, nor was she very sypathetic; she simply kept Sakura company when she was alone and crying and hinted to her that perhaps if she didn't try to hide her forehead, she wouldn't be picked on as much. She also asked Sakura to "bloom into a pretty flower" someday("sakura" means "cherry blossom" in Japanese.) Sakura and Ino's friendship continued to grow, but it suddenly came to a stop when they found out that they were both in love with Sasuke. After that, they became bitter rivals who were constantly competing for Sasuke's attention.

Although Sakura got top grades, her ninja fighting skills were not very good and she didn't possess any particulary special techniques(however, she does have a sort of alter-ego "inner" Sakura that lets us hear her more negative feelings even when she won't say them out loud.) Although Sakura will probably never possess the will-power and dedication to become a strong ninja like most of the other students, she still proves herself stronger with each new challenge.


Despite his calm and relaxed attitude, Kakashi is well known as the "Copy Ninja Sharingan Kakashi" and is said to know over 1,000 ninja techniques. Despite having a Sharingan in only one of his eyes, Kakashi is a formidable opponent and can unleash a multitude of ninja attacks, most of which he copied during his many battles with other ninjas(except for the Chidori, which he made himself.) He was also an apprentice of the Fourth Hokage. In spite of his amazing abilities, he always manages to keep his cool in battle and nothing much can get him riled up.

After being appointed as the teacher of Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, Kakashi placed them through some pretty strict training and although it was tough for them, his great emphasis on the importance of teamwork helped each of them grow stronger. When he's not training, teaching, or fighting, Kakashi likes reading "Make Out Paradise," his favorite romance book series (The books title was translated in the english manga but not the english anime.)

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