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The picture that is displayed here will change with the updates. We will chose the picture by how popular a section relating to our site is. So if the yugioh page gets visited more often we will have a yugioh picture and so on.

It's almost long past May, however I'd better put this. We are sorry for last month. I think I jinxed myself but I got extremely busy unexpectedly. I will try to update as much as I can but I can't make many guarentees on anything until about August. The reason for this is because Summer is coming and it is quite full. I have several things to get done. I will be leaving almost everything in the hands of my cousin, wolfgang, until August for obvious reasons. Enjoy, AE. Wish you all luck while I'm gone. From, Shadow X (AE Owner)

It says at top that this site is hosted by Tripod. That's the company used to make this website. To contact this site's creators, e-mail all mail to or

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