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Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duelist
Story Arc 1 - Millennien Yugi Mouto

Millennien Yugi Mouto is a duelist just like the Yugi we all know and love (or hate). Well, maybe not exactly,Millennien plays with "millennium" cards and goes to Duel Academy. He is a normal Obelisk Blue duelist but soon his life is gonna take a twist.

Duel Academy office.....
??? 1: Are you sure?
??? 2: Yes, it's about time Millennien knew.
??? 1: Okay, I'll give him the info. When do you plan on coming?
??? 2: asap.

You're probably wondering what that was about. Well, remember when I said that Millennien's life was about to take a twist? He is related to Yugi (Kinda obvious but ,hey, it's my story).

Obelisk Blue Duel Field.....

Millennein: I summon Millennien Warroir Kita! (700/700)
Kid: what a weak monster, is that all you can do with that cards effect?
Millennien: Be careful waht you say kid, it might get you in trouble. I'll set a card face-down and end my turn.
Kid: My turn, Draw! He He He, I activate Sheep Offering! With this I can tribute any Sheep Tokens on my field during this turn. I have one Sheep left so I sacrifice it to summon Twinheaded Beast! (1700/1900) Twinheaded Beat attack Millennium Warrior Kita!
Millennien: Idiot, you take the time to think about waht I placed face-down and now ti'll cost you. I activate my face-down trap, Millennium Promotion. I'll remove Millennium warrior Kita from play and summon, Ultimate warrior of the Millennium! (3000/3000) You can chose whether you want to continue your attack or you can cancel it. It's called a replay battle.
Kid: I end my turn.
Millennien: Good choice kid, draw! I activate Rise of the Millennium Tokens! This allows me to summon two Millennium Tokens in defense. But I'm gonna tribute them to summon my Blue-Eyes White Dragon! (3000/2500)
Kid: Oh, damn, that's the card everyone says that you won off Seto Kaiba in some special Obelisk Tournament that toke place.
Millennien: Well, you heard right. Blue-Eyes attack Twinheaded beast with White Lightning! Then to finish you I'll attack you directly with Ultimate Warrior of the Millennium. I win.

Later...Millennien is in his dorm room....

Knock! Knock! Knock!
Millennein opens the door.
Millennien: What do you want?
School Superviser: You will be dueling Yugi Mouto in a duel. You are related to him.
Millennien: What?!?

Next Day.... Millennien and his friend, Mokuba are talling....

Mokuba: don't you think it was kinda obvious that you were related to Yugi? Check your name, and your hair style.
Millennien: I don't believe it.
Mokuba: well, normal school officials don't lie. If they did they would likely be kicked off the island by my brother. Seto seems to hate liers.
Millennien: Well, we will see soon, Yugi is coming in 5 days.

To be continued........

Next Chapter: Day 1