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One Piece

Yu-Gi-Oh! Milennium Duelist
Story Arc: Millennein Yugi Mouto
Chapter 1: First Training Day - V.S. Mokuba

Millennien's room.....

Millennein is thinking about the previous day.....

Millennein: Well, if I am related to Yugi, I'll soon find out.

Mokuba: I guess so. But you'll need to train before you duel Yugi. He isn't an easy opponent. Trust me, if he can beat my brother and the pharaoh, he likely can beat you.

Millennein: Who am I supposed to duel?

Mokuba: Well, you can start by dueling me tommarow in the Obelisk Arena.

Millennien: Well, okay, I guess.

Next Day.....

Milennien and Mokuba are getting ready for there duel in the Obelisk Arena..

Mokuba: ready?!

Millennien: Let's Duel.

Each duleist drew 5 cards from their deck.

Mokuba: I'll go first. Draw!

Mokuba looked through his hand until finally he pulled a card from it.

Mokuba: I summon Token Illusionist! (1000/1000). Now because it's my Main Phase and because of my monster effect I can summon an Illusion Token! (1000/1000) I'll set a card face-down and end my turn.

Millennien: Draw! I summon Millennium Celtic Guardian! (1800/1500). Millennium Celtic Guardian attack Token Illusionist!

Mokuba: Humph! I activate my face-down card Token Illusionist's Special Union. With this I can equip an Illusion Token to my Token Illusionist and increase it's attack by 1000! Token Illusionist' Special Union is also a Contionous trap.

Millennien: Dammit!

Millennien's Guard was destroyed and he lost 200 LP

Millennien's LP: 7800

Milennein: I end my turn.

Mokuba: He He He, Draw! I summon another token and equip it to my Illusionist. I attack your LP!

Millennien's LP: 4800

Mokuba: I set a card and end.

Millennien: Draw! I summon Millennium Warrior Kita! (700/700). Now I play form my hand the spell Auto-Trap which allows me to play a Trap automatically. I play Millennium promotion and summon Ultimate Warrior of the Millennium! (3000/3000)

Mokuba: so what.

Millennien: I'm not done! I play the spell Stop Attack and switch your monster to defense. Now I'll attack it with my Warrior!

Mokuba's LP: 7000 LP

Millennien: I'm done.

Mokuba: Draw! Yes! I play Scapegoat! This summons 4 Sheep Tokens (0/0) I'll set a card face-down and end.

Millennien: I attack one of your sheep and end.

Mokuba: I draw not that it matters now. I activate my face-down card, Token Minapulation - Fusion! This allows me to sustitue tokens for fusion materials in a fusion summon.

Millennien: What?! Damn!

Mokuba: I activate Polymerization! I fuse my three Sheeps substituting them for fusion materials and summon......wait for it, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!!!!!! (4500/3800)

Millennien: Oh, no. This isn't good.

Mokuba: Now I activate my Lightning Vortex! I'll discard a crad a destroy your monster! Now, I attack your Life Points with my Ultimate Dragon!

Millennien's LP: 300 LP

Mokuba: You aren't going to beat Yugi dueling like that. I end my turn.

Millennien: Draw! mokuba, you better take that back!

Mokuba: Or what?!

Millennein: Showing it through talking is idiotic. I'll show it through my cards. I play Rise of the Millenium Tokens! Then I sacrifice my new tokens to summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon! (3000/2500)

Mokuba: You always use that Millennium Token card to summon your Dragon. My brother has use of that card better than you.

Millennien: Well, then let me show you something your brother never did. I equip Millennium Symbol to my Blue-Eyes. (3500/2500)

Mokuba: it's still not enough to beat my monster.

Millennien: Shut. Up. You really need to stop interrupting. I activate Seal of a Millennium. then I'll tribute my Blue-Eyes to summon something better! My signature card! Blue-Eyes Millennium Dragon!!!

Mokuba: ....

Millennien: Now because of Seal of a Millennium my millennium Dragon gains 1000 attack points making it 5000 ATK. I attack your Ultimate Dragon!

Mokuba's LP: 6500

Millennien: i end my turn.

Mokuba: You still have to get through my 6500 LP and whatever I slap on the field. Draw! What, no this can't be. I can't summon anything. I end

Millennien: You shouldn't base your deck maily around tokens. You never know when they'll let you down. I summon Millennium Luster Soldier! (3000/2500) This monster can only attack once during the duel but that's all I need I attack your Life Points with both of my monsters.

Mokuba's LP: 0

Millennien: Good Game.

Mokuba: Ok, I take what I said back.

Millennien: You better.

Next Chapter: training Day 2 - v.s. serenity