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Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duelist
Story Arc: Millennien Yugi Mouto
Chapter 2: Second Training Day - V.S. Serenity

We last left Millennien after he had kicked Mokuba's @$$ in a duel. Mokuba was the only duelist Millennien knew of that would duel him....


????: Oh, sorry about that.

Millennien: *Millennien got off the floor* Yeh, me too, sorry.

????: reming me of someone I know. It's Yugi.

Millennien: You know Yugi?

????: Yeh, he's my brother's best friend.

Millennien: Well, then could you help me? Yugi is supposidly related to me. He wants to test my skills in Duel Monsters by coming here and dueling me. However, I wish to train as much as I can before I duel Yugi. It would be great if I could duel against people that know Yugi. So, will you help?

Serenity: Yeh, sure. I need to get to class but meet me outside the school and I'll duel you. By the way my name is Serenity. *Runs off towards class.*

Millennien: *In head* she knows Yugi and shes hot. I wonder if I can get her to be my girlfriend.

Mokuba: *running towards Millennien* Millennien!! Did you find a duelist to help you train?

Millennien: Yeh, a really hot one.

Mokuba: * -_-' * Oh, sure, choose the chicks.

Millennien: Okay, conversation over, Mokuba. You shouldn't be butting in on my personal life anymore. *rushes Mokuba off*

Mokuba: *waving arms wildly* But you're the one that brought it up!!!

Later that day....

Millennien has arrived in front of the school...

Millennein: *in head* Come on, Serenity.

Then Millennien sees a figure running up.

Serenity: Sorry, I'm late. You ready to duel?

Millennien: Let's go, hottie.

Serenity: What did you say?

Millennien: Nothing, Nothing, I said nothing.

Serenity: *in head* Wierd. Defenitly doesn't have a personality like Yugi.

Millennien: It's time to duel!

Serenity: *in head* Well, that's defenitly the same.

Millennien: You're the girl, it would only be polite to let you go first.

Serenity: Fine, Draw! I summon Angel of Darkness! (1800/1500) I set one card face-down.

Millennien: *Drooling*

Serenity: Riiiight, I end my turn.

Millennien: *Still Drooling* Huh, oh, right, draw! I summon Millennium Petit Angel!! (1000/800) I activate Millennium Gift from the heavens and increase the attack of my angel by 800! (ATK - 1800) I set 2 face-downs and attack Angle of Darkness!!

Serenity: You must be mental in the head, you are gonna destroy both of our monsters!

Millennien: Nope, I activate my Quick-Play spell card, Attack v.s. Attack Reflection! This redirects both the attacks at our Life Points, however the attack of my monster is increased by 500 as long as I discard two cards from my hand!

Millennien's LP: 6200
Serenity's LP: 5700

Serenity: Fine, nice move.

Millennien: I end my turn.

Serenity: I see you finally got over your love sickness.

Millennien: *blushes* Huh, I don't know what you are talking about.

Serenity: You...suck at lying. Draw! I activate my spell card, Rise of the Harpie! This allows me to summon a Harpie Lady to my side of the field but in this case I summon Cyber Harpie Lady.

Millennien: Huh, how are you doing that?

Serenity: Because my Cyber Harpie's effect treats her as a normal Harpie Lady. The only real difference is in her attack points. And now I attack that angel of yours!

Millennien: Weren't you just calling me mental for attack a monster with the same attack points?

Serenity: Yes, but in this case it's different. I activate my face-down, Reinforcements.

Millennien: That just means more Life Points lost for you.

Serenity: ?.....

Millennien: I activate Magic Cylinder! This redirects your attack at you, or in better terms, your Life Points!

Serenity's LP: 3400

Serenity: Haven't you heard not to hurt a girl

Millennien: Of course, but I didn't hear you can't duel a girl. Dueling comes before love.

Serenity: I end my turn.

Millennien: Draw! Heh, Let's finish this! I activate Rise of the Millennium Tokens! This summons two Millennium Tokens with 2000 DEF a piece but that won't matter because I sacrifice them and summon Blue-Eyes white Dragon! Then I activate my face-down, Gift of the Martyr! I sacrifice angel and increase my Blue-Eyes White Dragon by 1800! I attack Harpie with Blue-Eyes.

Serenity's LP: 400

Millennien: I activate on last spell card, Tremendous Fire! This reduces your Life Points by 1000 and mine by 500. That ends this duel.

Serenity: Nice duel, Millennien

Millennien: *walking away* Yep, see ya around. *cries**in mind* Man, she's good lookin'

Next Chapter: The Unexpected becomes expected. Yugi's early arrival!