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Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Duelist
Story Arc: Millennien Yugi Mouto
Chapter 3: The unexpected becomes expected! Yugi comes to Duel Academy!! Yugi v.s. Millennien

We start off by seeing a boat heading for KaibaCorp Island during the night. Who is on it? Yugi!!!

Yugi: *in head* Duel Academy...Millennien, here I come.


Millennien: *opens his door* What?

School Supervisor: Millennien Yugi Mouto?

Millennien: That would be me.

School Supervisor: Please come with me.

Millennien and the supervisor head for the Duel Academy office. Un-knowing to Millennien, he is about to meet the one, the only, Yugi.

School Supervisor: *opens door to office*

Yugi: Hello, Millennien

Millennien: *shcoked* Yugi!! What are you doing here.

Yugi: I told the school supervisors I was to be here asap. I stick to my words.

Milennien: I was told by a supervisor you weren't coming for 5 days.

Yugi: That was a little somehting I started. I wanted to see how well you are prepared.

Millennien: Are you saying, we are dueling?

Yugi: Tommarow morning, in front of the whole school!

Millennien: Wait, how is that I'm related to you?

Yugi: Heh... You duel me, and win, and I'll tell you.

Next day...Yugi and Millennien are standing on the dueling arena platforms.

Yugi: All right, let's begin

Millennien and Yugi: It's time to duel!

Yugi: You will start first.

Millennien: Draw! Hmm....So many choices but yet so little time. I think I'll summon Millennium Warrior Kita! (700/700). I'll end with two face-downs.

Yugi: Heh..heh..Draw! I activate Cost Down! Now by discarding a card from my hand and then the level of all the monsters in my hand is decreased by 2! I summon Dark Magician Girl!! (2000/1700)

Millennien: Not already!!

Yugi: I'm not done, I activate Sage's Stone! Now when Dark Magician Girl is on my side of the field, I can summon Dark Magician! (2500/2100). Now Dark Magician Girl (2300/1700), attack Millennium Warrior Kita!

Millennien: I activate my face-down trap card, Millennium Promotion! Now I remove from play, Millennium Warrior Kita and summon Ultimate Warrior of the Millennium! (3000/3000)

Yugi: Grr...I end my turn with 3 face-down cards!

Millennien: Draw! I play Miracle Dig. This allows to return up tp 3 RFG cards to my graveyard. So I bring back Millennium Warrior Kita. Then I activate Premature Burial and pay 800 life points to summon Millennium Warrior Kita. Then I sacrifice Kita to summon Millennium Magician Girl!! (2400/2000)

Millennien's LP: 7200

Yugi: Huh....Millennium Magician Girl!?

Millennien: I still have one more face-down card. And now I think I'll activate it, Millennium Magician Master. This is like Sage's Stone, when I have Millennium Magician Girl on the field I can summon, Millennium Magician!! (2750/2500) I'll have my Magicians attack thier counterparts first.

Yugi: I activate my face-down card, Magic Cylinder! I'll redirect Millennium Magician's attack at your Life Points!

Millennien's LP: 4450

Yugi's LP: 7900

Millennien: I still have my warrior's attack. Ultimate Warrior of the Millennium, attack Dark Magician!!

Yugi's LP: 7400

Millennien: I'll end my turn.

Yugi: Draw! I activate Monster Reborn to bring back Dark Magician. Then I'll set one monster face-down and activate Mystic Box! With this I can destroy one of your monsters as long as I give control of one of mine to you. I'll destroy Ultimate Warrior of the Millennium and exchange my face-down card. I end my turn.

Millennien: *in head* Arghhh....I knew Yugi was good but not this good.* Draw! I play Pot of Greed to draw two cards from my deck. *in head* Yes!* I sacrifice my Magician Girl and this face-down card you gave my to summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon!! (3000/2500) I'll equip my dragon with Millennium Symbol. This card increase my dragon's attack points but that won't matter because I'm tributing it to summon my signature monster, Blue-Eyes Millennium Dragon!! (4000/3500) Heh...Millennium Magician attack Dark Magician!

Yugi's LP: 7150

Millennien: Now, Blue-Eyes Millennium Dragon, attack Yugi directly!

Yugi's LP : 3150

Millennien: I end my turn.

Yugi: Draw! I activate Swords of Revealing Light! This prevents you from attacking for 3 turns. I end my turn.

Millennien: And I'll end this duel! Draw! Yes!! I activate Mystical Space Typhoon!

Yugi: No!

Millennien: I get rid of Swords of Revealing Light! And to finish this duel off I'll attack your Life Points with Blue-Eyes Millennium Dragon!

Yugi's LP: 0

Yugi: Woow, you won. Good Job.

Millennien: HeHe...Thanks. Wait, how am I related to you?

Yugi: That will all be revealed in time. Take this. *throws Millennien the Millennium Puzzle*

Millennien: legendary puzzle.

Yugi: It doesn't contain the spirit of Atemu anymore though. Consider it a memento for now.

Millennien: Right, see ya Yugi!