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One Piece

Chapter 1: v.s. Ichitaka Takahashi
Story ARC 2: Birth of the Millennium Duelist
Sub-ARC 1: The gain of Blue-Eyes
Note: This ARC takes place in Millennien's past, Millennien won't use his normal Millennium deck.

Long ago in Millennien's ancestorial life, he was a duelist with much skill and power. Considered equal to even Atemu in strength he rose to be one of the top sorcerors of the village. He once got his chance to duel the legendary pharaoh and to everyone's surprise, beat him. However, the strength of Millennien, the Millennium Duelist, came from a family connection with Atemu. Millennien and Atemu already knew of this connection in the past but however in the present day only Yugi, the King of Games, knows of this connection. Millennien recieved the Millennium Puzzle after defeating Yugi in a duel just as he did 5000 years ago. The true birth of the Millennium Duelsit came with his gain of the spirit of heart, the dragon of light, the Blue-Eyes Millennium Dragon. Of course as you know, you need the Blue-Eyes White Dragon to summon the Millennium Dragon.

He's just a young duelist, about 15-16 years old, an Obelisk Blue and one of the most powerful duelists around. Millennien Yugi Mouto was fulfilling his destiny not even knowing it. Walking to his dorm room Millennien notices a letter stuck in his room door.

Millennien: Huh? What's this?

Millennien opened the letter:

To all Obelisk Blue Students:

You are all weaklings compared to me. Or are you. You are the top ranked students of my academy, possibly future King/Queen of Games. If you prove worthy, by dueling and beating me, I will give away a copy of Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Of course, I will not go easy on you. I don't expect that any of you can beat me.

Seto Kaiba

Millennien: Kaiba, Blue-Eyes, I'm totally in!

The next day after tournament registration Millennien sees the first round dueling plan. He will face someone named...Ichitaka Takahashi.

Obelisk Headmaster: Welcome to the unexpected but exciting Obelisk Battle for Blue-Eyes! The first duel will be Millennien Yugi Mouto v.s. Ichitaka Miamotou Takahashi!

Millennien and Ichitaka arose to the dueling field.

Millennien: I hope you're prepared Ichitaka.

Ichitaka: I'm gonna crush every last hope you had of winning this tournament!

Millennien: I'll make you regret those words!

Millennien and Ichitaka: DUEL!

Ichitaka: I'll start this duel off! I play Red Eyes Black Chick and a face-down card. That'll end my turn, for now!

Millennien: Drew! I summon...Gemini Elf! (ATK: 1900) Now, Gemini Elf attack Red-Eyes Black Chick.

Ichitaka: Heh...moron. I activate my face-down trap, Interdimensional Matter Transporter. This allows me to remove one monster from play until the End Phase of the turn this card was activated. Of course, I'm going to remove Red-Eyes Black Chick.

Millennien: I'll set two cards face-down and end.

Ichitaka: Draw! Yes! I'll tribute Red-Eyes Black Chick in order to summon Red-Eyes Black Dragon! (ATK: 2400) I activate a spell card known as Inferno Fire Blast!

Millennein: Hey, isn't that the anme of Red-Eyes' attack?

Ichitaka: Yes it is, but the spell card version is even more deadly. You see,it allows me to select one Red-Eyes Black Dragon on my side of the field and then inflict damage equal to the original attack of the Red-Eyes directly on your Life Points. The only downside is that the sellected Red-Eyes can't attack this turn. So now, Red-Eyes inflict damage on Millennein's Life Points by using Inferno Fire Blast!!

Millennien's LP: 5600

Millennien: I activate my face-down trap, Attack Return. This allows me to inflict damage equal to damage I toke from the effect of a spell, trap, or monster attack at your Life Points.

Ichitaka's LP: 5600

Ichitaka: I end my turn

Millennien: Draw! I equip Axe of Despair to Gemini Elf! (ATK: 2900) Now I'll attack Red-Eyes Black Dragon!

Ichitaka's LP: 5100

Millennein: I end

Ichitaka: Draw! I activate Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy Axe of Despair! Now I'll summon Vorse Raider! (ATK: 1900) I'll set a card face-down and end my turn!

Millennien: Draw! I tribute Gemini Elf to summon Twin-Headed Fire Dragon (ATK: 2200) I attack Vorse Raider!

Ichitaka's LP: 4800

Millennien: I end my turn

Ichitaka: Draw! I activate Premature Burial to bring back Red-Eyes Black Dragon!

Ichitaka's LP: 4000

Ichitaka: I activate my face-down trap card Graverobber. Ny paying 2000 LP I'll steal your Axe of Despair. And I'll now equip it to Red-Eyes Balck Dragon! (ATK: 3400)

Ichitaka's LP: 2000

Ichitaka: Red-Eyes attack Twin-Headed Fire Dragon!

Millennein: This duel is over!

Ichitaka: What the hell are you talking about? We are still in t... Huh?

Ichitaka sees Millennien activate a trap

Millennien: We are not still in this duel because of this. Magic Cylinder, this'll switch the attack on your Life Points. You said you would crush my hope but it seems I've crushed yours, weakling, you should be in Slifer Red. End of duel, winner - me.

Ichitaka leaves the arena as the crowd cheers on Millennein. He has progressed to the next round. Things only get harder from here.