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Yugioh Character Bios

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Here are the characters bios.


Yugi Muto
Deck Type: Spellcaster Beatdown
Favorite Card: Dark Magicain
Yugi is a kind-hearted character. He is always there for his friends and his friends are always there to him. Yugi is not a very good duelist but when he activates the power of his Millenium Puzzle and becomes Atemu, he is practically unbeatable. Apart from those duels for fun, he always lets Atemu duel.


Deck Type: Spellcaster Beatdown
Favorite Card: Dark Magicain
Atemu is the alter ego of Yugi and the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle. He is known to Yugi and his friends as "the pharoah" and to Te'a as Yami. Yami is a 5000 year old eygptian pharoah that stopped an incredible evil from destroying the world 5000 years ago. Atemu doesn't remember any of his past life, not even his real name. Apparently the evil that tryed to destroy the world is back. But how can he stop it if he can't remember how he stopped it in the first place. And what about his memory, he does he get that back?


Salomon Muto
Deck Type: Exodia
Favorite Card: Well, all of them I guess
This is Yugi's grandpa and he means the world to Yugi. He owns a game store and was an incredivle game player in his past life. He has lived a dangerous life.


Joey Wheeler
Deck Type: Gamble
Favorite Card: Flame Swordsman
Joey Wheeler is Yugi's best friend. He is hard to beat, since he was tought by the same person who tought Yugi, but he is not unbeatable, and many have been known to beat him. He has a grudge against Seto Kaiba, and no matter how hard he tries, he can never beat him, and probably never will. Learning alot from Yugi, he battles for his sister, Serenity.


Te'a Gardner
Deck Type: Fairy
Favorite Card: Magicain of Faith
Te`a is one of Yugi's best friends. She was the first to find out that two minds inhabited Yugi's body. Te`a is not a very good duelist, yet is better that she looks.  Te`a used to have a secret crush on Tristan, but after the knowledge of Yugi's other spirit became public, she became secretly infatuated with Atemu.


Tristan Taylor
Deck Type: Beatdown
Favorite Card: Cyber Commander
Tristan is another of Yugi's best friends. He enjoys watching Yugi and Joey duel. He has quite a temper and always gets annoyed with Joey even though deep down they're best friends. He knows not of Te`a's crush on him, and always shows how annoyed he is that he doesn't have a girlfriend.


Seto Kaiba
Deck Type:Dragonic Virus Infection
Favorite Card: Blue-Eyes White Dargon
Kaiba is considered to be the most powerful duelist in the world. He is undefeated in Duel Monsters except by Atemu. Kaiba doesn't exactly hate Yugi or Atemu, but he doesn't consider them friends either and doesn't believe in the power of Yugi and Atemu's Millenium Puzzle. He posseses three Blue-Eyes White Dragons, which is amazing when you consider that there are only four in the world! He duels for his younger brother Mokuba, who always looks up to him.



Mai Valentine
Deck Type: Harpie Lady/Amozoness
Favorite Card: Harpie Lady
Mai is a very good duelist. She is also very pretty and has a secret crush on Joey. Joey has no idea although she has been giving him a lot of little hints. She is so good, it seems that only extremely strong duelists such as Atemu can really beat her.

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