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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Combos

One Piece

Combo 1: Terrorking Salmon + A Legendary Ocean
Play "A Legendary Ocean" first, then you may summon "Terrorking Salmon" from your hand without a tribute and it will be at 2600 attack points!

Combo 2 -
Name: Desturction from the Blue-Eyes
Cards Needed: Fusion Gate, Return from the Different Dimension, Blue-Eyes White x 3, Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dargon
How to use it: Make sure that you have Fusion Gate out in play and Return from the Different Dimension face-down. Fuse the three Blue-Eyes White Dragons to form Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. Now that the Blue-Eyes White Dragons are removed from play, activate Return from the Different Dimension to bring them back on the field. I think that you know what to do from here.

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