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Chao Recipies

Chao Luxilery

These are special Chao combinations and techniques you can use to get unique Chao.

Sonic Chao:

This is used to get a Sonic chao. In order to get a Sonic chao you must feed it only Green Chaos Drives until it is a Level Five Runner. Then, alternate to a Dark character and return the Chao's ball color to it's original hatched color by petting it. After that alternate evenly between Hero and Dark characters feeding only Chao Garden Trre Nuts. After awhile the ball on top of it's head will turn a greenish color. You should also see the spikes start to grow. Keep alternating taking care of it with Hero and Dark characters until it evoles. When it evoles the Blue cocoon will appear around it, however the sound that evoling makes will not be persent. If you succed the Chao will be Neutral (Neither Hero nor Dark, it keeps a ball). You have successfully created a Sonic chao. To make it more like Sonic keep feeding it Green Chaos Drives with Sonic only. For best results use a blue chao. I used a Jewel Blue chao.

Shadow Chao:

It is quite easy to get a Shadow chao. With Shadow give any chao only Green Chaos Drives and Chao Nuts. When it evolves, it should have green spikes instead of red. To mkae the spikes red, give it more green chaos drives.

Cream Chao:

This is not the recipie that people normally see. I created this reciepie. To get a chao that looks somewhat like Cream, get a Topaz (I believe that's what it is called it's like a Jewel Orangish color) chao and make it a Hero Swimming/Swimming chao.

Amy Chao - Sonic CD style:

The Amy "CD" chao is the same as the Sonic chao recipie except by using a pink chao.

Tikal Chao & Knuckles Chao

A Tikal chao is made by buying a Topaz chao from the Tiny Chao Garden. After the caho hatches, give it a skeleton dog so that it will be ready to wear a mask. Give it the eggshell it hatched from. The eggshell represents the dreadlocks that Tikal has. Mkae the chao a Neutral Power (Red Drives) type. After it evolves I suggest giving it Green Drives to increase it's running level to around 5 so that it stops crawling. To make a Knuckles you do the same thing except by using a Ruby egg or Red egg.

Tikal Chao