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Special Chao

Chao Luxilery

These chao are far from normal. I don't classify as recipie made chao since some of these are used fro recipies.

Transparent Chao A.K.A Translucent Chao:

To get a Translucent Chao mate any Shiny chao (excluding grey and Yellow) with a Jewel Chao. The outcome should be a Translucent chao, if not try again. I easily made a Translucent chao by mating a Shiny Sky Blue chao with an Onyx chao.

Invisible Chao:

These chao are quite different from Translucent chao because you can not see the skin color. The only thing visible is the eyes, Emotion ball, wings, and a facila expression if they have one. To get an Invisible chao mate either Shiny Grey and A Jewel chao or Shiny Yellow and a Jewel chao. You are pretty much guarenteed to get one.

Two-Tone Chao:

These chao have always been known to make some awesome looking chao. The easiest way to get one is to mate a Shadow chao with any Shiny chao. If the outcome is a chao with an adjustible main color and a solid color for tips then you got yourself a two-tone.

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